Barrel Aged Prince of Wales

Barrel Aged Prince of Wales, created by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Germany

0.8 oz Pierre Ferrand 1840 original formula Cognac

0.5 oz Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao
1 Barspoon Dom Benedictine
Angostura is a Guest Choice
3.4 oz Champagne

Barrel: Plantation Trinidad

Time: 12 Weeks

Glass: Original Fink Cup – Original Silver

Decoration: Cherry flavoured with Guignolet de Dijon and Abbotts Bitters

Build in Glass and Top up with Champagne.
Then Stir and Put in a Fink Cup without Ice
Decoration: Silver Stick and Cherry

« In the Capri Lounge, an essential partner for our cocktail ageing through a variety of highend products. The Single Cask series of Plantation rums are the most popular Old Fashioned variations at the Capri Lounge, a manifestation. Likewise the 1840 original formula Cognac, which is an asset to all Cognac drinks through its distinct taste. »

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