Candela Colora

Candela Colora, created by Carina Soto Velasquez Tsou, Candelaria, Paris

4 cl (1.3 oz.) Plantation 3 Stars Rum

1.5 cl (0.5 oz.) Plantation Jamaica Rum

1.5 cl (0.5 oz.) Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

0.4 cl (0.1 oz.) Demerara gum syrup

1.5 cl (0.5 oz.) freshly squeezed lemon juice

¼ fresh pineapple juice

1 lemon leaf


Pour all the ingredients into an ice-filled shaker. Strain into a Pilsner glass filled with crushed ice.


"Cognac Ferrand products have real character. They are unique, individual and distinctive!" Carina Soto Velasquez Tsou

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