Spicy Coriander

"Spicy Coriander" cocktail, created by Scott Schuder, Dirty Dick, Paris, France

- 0.7oz lime juice

- 0.7oz honey syrup (1/2 hot water & 1/2 honey)

- 0.7oz Pierre Ferrand Dry curaçao

- 1.7oz tequila 100% agave infused with chilli pepper (infuse a chilli pepper for 5-10 minutes)

- 6-7 coriander leeves frappées (to intensify the aromas)

This is simple, put everything into a shaker with ice and « shake » during 10 secondes. Filterthe ice and the coriander leeves and pour into a nice glass.

little tip for the glass decoration: mix a pinch of fleur de sel, a pinch of black sesame, and a pinch of dried coriander. Take a quarter of a lemon and squeeze it all around your glass. Put them all on a tea cup, and turn your glass in them. The lemon will stick everything onto the glass. Pour the cocktail and enjoy it!

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