Spirit of thyme

Spirit of thyme, élaboré par Marian Krause, Spirits, Cologne, Allemagne


- 3,5 cl cognac Pierre Ferrand 1840 original formula
- 2 cl Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao
- 2 cl jus de citron frais
- 10 cm céleri
- 3 brins de thym


Shaker et filtrer deux fois dans une coupe dans glace.
Décoration: zeste de citron


« My story with Cognac Ferrand started with a meeting with Alexander. Especially his fascination of what can be done with raw materials, the distillation, his farm house – all that was very impressive. In combination with “ always question your actions and try to improve them ”, that pretty much sums up what I took away from that visit. The Cognac works wonderfully in bars, as it brings enough % Vol. with it and corresponds beautifully with other ingredients. This Cognac can furthermore also be used in classic recipes. »

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