Rum Mother in Law

Rum Mother in Law, élaboré par Meike Caroline Finke, Hoppers Bar, Francfort, Allemagne


- 3 cl rhum Plantation 3 Stars
- 3 cl rhum Plantation Barbados 5 Years Old
- 4 cl Picon
- 2 cl Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao
- 2 cl Angostura Bitters
- 2 cl Peychaud’s Bitters
- 1 cl Luxardo Maraschino
- 1 cl John D. Taylor Falernum
- 1 trait Bitters chocolat
- 1 trait Bitters vieillit en fût de whiskey


Shaker avec un zeste de citron et filtrer dans un verre à cognac sans glace.


« I first came across Ferrand Dry Orange on a website for Spirits, no more than two weeks later a report had been uploaded on the Mixology-website. By then however, I already had the product in my bar and was mixing drinks with it. I was convinced by the quality and the taste immediately. A friend of mine once brought Plantation 3 stars Rum along, and I have been ordering it from my supplier ever since. Quality and taste are great, and therefore the rum made it into the portfolio. »

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