Bel-Union, élaboré par Mo Kaba, Frohsinn, Francfort, Allemagne


- 6 cl rhum Plantation Barbados 2000 (infusé à la truffe)
- 2,5 cl Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao
- 3 cuillères de miel liquide
- 2 gouttes Angostura Bitters
- 2 traits de blanc d'oeuf


Shaker et filtrer deux fois dans une coupe sans glace
Décoration : accord met – salade à la truffe


« The products of Cognac Ferrand are in big demand in German bars since years. The reason for that is not only their quality, but also the variety of ways in which they can be used – by themselves, in longdrinks or mixed drinks ! For example the Plantation Overproof is very strong – but includes a touch of exotic fruits with Vanilla-Bourbon and Sherry taste. »

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